iOS compilation error - could not build module `Placer`

Posted in General by Mateusz Klimczak Mon Aug 01 2016 11:33:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·3·Viewed 305 times

I've added Placer SDK to my application via CocoaPods according to the instructions (every single step). When I compile the project I get this errors: ```AppDelegate.m Error:(11, 9) could not build module 'Placer'``` and ```<modules-includes>Error:(1, 1) umbrella header for module 'Placer' does not include header 'PLVisit.h'``` I set `CLANG_ALLOW_NON_MODULAR_INCLUDES_IN_FRAMEWORK_MODULES` to `YES` but it doesn't change anything. Any idea what's wrong?
Mateusz Klimczak
Aug 1, 2016

The version I use is

Ofir L
Aug 1, 2016

Hi Mateusz,

In order to further assist you resolving this, please email your Placer App-Key to


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Mateusz Klimczak
Aug 1, 2016

Sure, but... what has App-Key to do with compilation error?

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